Projects & Partners

  • Kampala, Uganda: Hope For Women and Children.

    • ATS foundation supports the mission of promoting human rights education to prevent violence against women and children through building and providing safe library space for people in impoverished communities.

    • ATS has also funded a new women’s healthcare clinic which serves to provide support and health information for women within the refugee community.

  • Kolkata, India: New Light

    • Within one of the most impoverished red light districts of Kolkata, ATS helped fund a safe educational space for children. It is our hope that our contribution here helps break the cycle of inter-generational prostitution.

  • Seattle, Washington: Mary’s Place

    • While working with Libraries For All, ATS funded a fully stocked library space and new laptops for women and children working their way out of homelessness.

All The Sky Foundation frequently partners with Rescue Freedom to help end sex slavery around the world, as well as covering the costs and funding for many other small organizations.

We are constantly brainstorming and working hard to find the greatest needs and how we can best fill them and continue progressing toward a world free of gender inequality.



All The Sky Foundation is currently funding a Women’s Health Clinic at Hope for Women and Children in Uganda

Recently featured by Nicholas Kristof in his column in The New York Times

Mentioned by the Edna Adan Hospital for ATS’s donation to cover the cost of emergency c-sectons for women in need. Read here.